ENE.HUB plans, funds and builds Networks of Connected SMART.NODEs™ in some of the most difficult to acquire sites.  SMART.NODES™ are built with their own dedicated 24/7 Power Supply and Fibre and ducting back to a nominal “meet me” point.

Each SMART.NODE™ can accommodate up to two Mobile Operators with space for each of them to accommodate 4G/5G Small Cells and connect to a common antenna system.

The SMART.NODE™ is supplementing 4G/5G Cellular Networks in Australia and the USA.

If any of our SMART.NODE™ SITES are in a location where your network capacity could be improved, please contact ENE.HUB

Please contact ENE.HUB

If any of our SMART.NODE™ SITES are in locations where your network capacity could be improved.