Operate Privatised Public Lighting Networks (PPLN)

ENE-HUB has developed an innovative model to address the challenges of public lighting while allowing Councils to take control of their lighting infrastructure and as a result, accelerate the role out of LED Street Lighting.

These objectives are limited by the owners of the Public Lighting Assets.

Energy Utilities own the majority of the public lighting assets. The Energy Authorities are not motivated to accelerate the replacement of their existing public lighting assets with LED due to:

  • Results in lower energy revenues.
  • Significant capital expenditure recovered over a long period.
  • Street Lighting is a very small part of their core business. (<2% of turnover)
  • ENE-HUB is partnering with Local Government in order to achieve accelerated replacement of its existing Public Lighting Assets with LED Street Lights.

    ENE.HUB will deliver the upgrade and maintain the public lighting network, very cost efficiently.

    ENE.HUB provides an investment fund for lighting innovation including new assets and smart lighting controls.

    ENE.HUB will operate the lighting network to rigorous and world class service level standards