The SMART.NODE™ integrates and accommodates all SMART CITY SERVICES discretely / internally

LED Beacon

The RGB beacon light position at the top of the SMART.NODE™ consists of an opalescent tubular lens which fits over a range of communication antennas. The lens mechanically fixes to a cast aluminium part fitted to the upper pole aluminium extrusion. Within the cast aluminium beacon base is housed a ‘halo’ of small package coloured LEDs designed to shine upwards between the shell of the antenna and the opalescent lens. The beacon light output offers a soft glow that is achieved by a shielded LED light source mounted within the cast aluminium beacon base shining up into the tubular lens.


The SMART.NODE™ is carrier agnostic. There are up to 4 areas to install multiple 4G / 5G compatible small cells in the base of the SMART.NODE™ to provide high bandwidth and fast data communications services. Communities increasingly require reliable and high speed data connections in their urban centres. ENE.HUB can bring these services into town centres in an unobtrusive manner. The antenna is located within the beacon.


The Wi-Fi module is discretely integrated into the SMART.NODE™ structure. ENE.HUB digitally connects town centres and communities with access to high speed Wi-Fi in an unobtrusive manner.

Environment Sensor

This integrated environment sensor can measure and track humidity, temperature, air quality and pollution levels and also transmits real-time reports. In combination with the integrated Wi-Fi, the collected data can be issued to the public or any facility in which the information can be further processed.


360° LED AREA LIGHT >45% Reduction in energy consumption >55% Reduction in maintenance Significantly reduced carbon emissions. Full compliance to Australian Lighting Standards. The LED lighting portfolio that ENE.HUB offers is innovative and designed for Australian standards. It is beautiful, functional and robust.


CCTV Camera and data gathering are driven by the explosion of the internet of things coupled with increasing requirements for security at a streetscape level. The connection to power and telecommunication makes the deployment of closed circuit television through SMART.NODE™ fast and seamless compared to alternatives. SMART.NODE™ surveillance is supported by various cameras, and complies with Australian and International standards.


Integrated into the SMART.NODE™ is a public speaker capable of broadcasting community messages. This can be linked to event announcements in town centres, and can be integrated into an emergency broadcast system.

Banner Arms

The SMART.NODE™ can incorporate a 4.5m x 1.5m Vertical Banner. Smaller Banners can be accommodated and provide a valuable canvas for marketing and advertising activities.


The Way-finding Module offers 3 separate sign blade mounting collars fixed to the SMART.NODE™. Each collar offers 360 degree sign orientation adjustment. Robust aluminium sign blades with adhesive vinyl graphics are available in single collar height (174mm) & double collar height (364).

Digital Way Finding

The super—bright LEDs panels that make up each arm‘s display were custom designed to look beautiful, be highly reliable, and perform in a wide range of environmental conditions. Their wide viewing angle allow the displays to be easily readable from any direction while Pulse Width Modulation achieves the greatest brightness and the ability to handle complex fading.

Data sensing

The SMART.NODE™ is capable of discretely accommodating a broad range of sensors to capture data in an unobtrusive manner. Through the modular design and the holistically connected SMART.NODE™ ENE.HUB is able to offer a customisable approach to data collection in your precinct or local government area. Data has become an essential tool to increase the liveability, safety and the level of smart services provided to the people and to the Land Authority in a community.

Help Button with Microphone

The Help Button is an important safety feature, which seamlessly integrates into the design of the SMART.NODE™. The Help Button with its ‘two way communication feature’ demonstrates safety, provides easy access to immediate help and emergency services and lets authorities react quickly in case of an incident or public safety hazards.

Travel Card Reader

What is a Smart City without it’s well connected and smoothly operating public transport system. With the discretely integrated travel card reader option the SMART.NODE™ declutters public transport hubs, bus and train stations with easy accessible transport access and checkpoints.


Electrical motor vehicles are 30% more efficient in their cost to operate than traditional petrol or diesel powered vehicles. They are more environmentally sustainable. However, their adoption has been constrained by the lack of charging infrastructure. ENE.HUB addresses this limitation and the SMART.NODE™ provides electric vehicle charging and enables the growth in the use of electric motor vehicles.

USB Charging

Easy to access charging points are key to stay connected in a digital world and city. The SMART.NODE™ can accommodate USB Power Points integrated into the base for easy to use power connections for connected public spaces.

Events Power Outlets

More and more street festivals, events and concerts are brought in to the public space. The Event Power Outlet, integrated into the base of the SMART.NODE™, provides quick and easy access to power right where it is needed without adding cables and clutter to our public spaces.


SMART.NODE™ can accommodate Smart.Parking. Smart.Node’s parking app lets you easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time.

future Smart city Services

Future proving your city or public space with spare modules for future Smart City / Safety applications. The flexible and modular SMART.NODE™ system adapts to changing needs in different city areas and the rapidly evolving technologies and services.