Los Angeles

ENE.HUB is excited to be working with the City of Los Angeles to future proof its Smart City Infrastructure. ENE.HUB is designing, planning, funding managing and maintaining a connected network of approx. 60 SMART.NODES™ across the Cities ‘The Great Streets’ initiative. Los Angeles will be equipped with a full suite of Smart City Services and has entered into a 20 year Smart City and Co-Location agreement with ENE.HUB. ENE.HUB and the City of Los Angeles are, together, taking the next step in making the City a more connected, safer and more liveable Smart City for the people of LA.

DELIVERED Smart City Services:

  • < Programmable LED Beacon
  • < 4G + Telecommunications (multiple carriers)
  • < Wi-Fi
  • < Environment Sensor
  • < Smart controlled LED Roadway and Pathway lighting
  • < CCTV
  • < Speaker
  • < Banners
  • < Way-Finding
  • < Data sensing
  • < Help points
  • < Travel Card Reader
  • < On street, electric vehicle car charging
  • < USB Charging
  • < Events Power Outlets
  • < Parking
  • < Capacity for future Smart City Services

Status: Ongoing

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