Royal Botanic Gardens

ENE.HUB have designed, constructed and commissioned a connected Smart City Network of 40 SMART.NODE’s™ for the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. ENE.HUB is now licensed to operate and maintain this Network for the next 20 years on behalf of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust. This popular, iconic and picturesque site demanded acute attention to detail as each SMART.NODE™ is uniquely configured to its location within the Botanic Garden and Domain.

DELIVERED Smart City Services:

  • < 4G + Telecommunications (multiple carriers)
  • < Programmable LED Beacon
  • < Wi-Fi
  • < Smart controlled LED Roadway and Pathway lighting
  • < CCTV
  • < On street, electric vehicle car charging
  • < Help points
  • < Banners
  • < Capacity for future Smart City Services

Completed in July 2017

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