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ENE.HUB was awarded the 10 year Brisbane Smart Pole Build, Own, Operate & Maintain (Boom) Contract by Brisbane City Council (BCC) for 20 SMART.NODEs™ and related Smart City Services within Brisbane CBD. ENE.HUB designed and planned the Connected Smart City Network SMART.NODES™ together with BCC. All SMART.NODEs™ accommodate a broad range of Smart City Services ranging from free public Wi-Fi and 4G to Environmental Sensors.

Contract Term: 10+ Years

Construction: Completed in June 2020

ENE.HUB offers two Commercial Models to assist in enabling Smart City objectives for Land Authorities. Click the button below to learn more about how ENE.HUB projects are funded.

Products & Data

A total of 20 SMART.NODEs™ were installed and BCC subscribed to e3, ENE.HUB’s IoT Data Management & Analytics Platform.

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SMART.NODEs in Brisbane Skate Parks

ENE.HUB, Brisbane City Council and Telstra Air Enterprise team in collaboration have enabled and delivered Free Public Wi-Fi for the people of Brisbane, retaining a high level interactive urban design outcome.

7 News Brisbane

ENE.HUB was featured on Seven 7 News Brisbane.

Brisbane Smart Pole

ENE.HUB featured on 7 News for the Brisbane Smart Pole project

Brisbane Chinatown SMART.NODE™

SMART.NODE™ in busy Fortitude Valley.