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City of Canada Bay Council

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City of Canada Bay Council


ENE.HUB has installed 10 SMART.NODEs™ along the Bay Run in Canada Bay Council as part of stage 1 of the Councils Connected Smart City Network.

ENE.HUB has also designed and planned stage 2 with another 10 SMART.NODES™, all equipped with Electric Vehicle Charging Modules and will commence the construction and commissioning phase shortly.

With a total of 20 Connected SMART.NODES™, the City of Canada Bay Council will be one of the first fully connected Councils that can offer Electric Vehicle Charging to its community.

Contract Term: 15 Years

Construction Phase 1: Completed in November 2016

Construction Phase 2: Ongoing

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A total of 20 SMART.NODEs™ were installed for Canada Bay Council.

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Bay Run – City of Canada Bay Council
This popular, iconic and picturesque site can now be recognised from great distances thanks to the distinctive and programmable LED Beacons.