City of Greater Geelong

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The City of Greater Geelong


The City of Greater Geelong has been successful in the first round of the federal ‘Smart Cities and Suburbs Program’ and has partnered up with ENE.HUB to deliver a smart city project along the foreshore of Geelong. ENE.HUB planned, installed, managed and maintained a network of 8 SMART.NODEs™ along the Geelong waterfront.

ENE.HUB was also recently awarded the contract for the delivery of Free Public Wi-Fi and Enhanced Broadband Services for the City of Greater Geelong.

Contract Term: 20 Years

Construction Phase 1: Completed in November 2019

Construction Phase 2: Ongoing

ENE.HUB offers two Commercial Models to assist in enabling Smart City objectives for Land Authorities. Click the button below to learn more about how ENE.HUB Projects are funded.

Products & Data

A total of 8 SMART.NODEs™ were installed in Stage 1 of this project and a further 46 SMART.NODEs™ and 3 TOWER.NODEs™ have been approved. Geelong subscribed to e3, ENE.HUB’s IoT Data Management & Analytics Platform.



Speech Senator Henderson at the SMART.NODE™ launch in Geelong