ENE.HUB Co-CEO Keynote Speaker

at Public Sector Network Conference

Handshakes and face-to-face networking are back and ENE.HUB couldn’t have asked for a better start into live events.

The hot topics at Public Sector Network (Certified B Corp) Smart Cities and Infrastructure Executive Series was 5G, the IoT, and insights into the world of Smart City Infrastructure and 5th Generation Telecommunications. A keynote address was given by our very own Co-CEO, Robert Matchett, who discussed the challenge of delivering 5G and the IoT at Scale, setting the tone for modern solutions and best practice for smart infrastructure projects.

A key statement of his presentation: The carrier driven 5G deployment presents a significant opportunity for Local Government to leverage these hundreds of 5G sites and to enable their own Smart City Visions and Agendas – the goal is to work together with carriers and infrastructure providers to guarantee a solution aligned with councils IoT programs.

The full presentation will be made public soon – watch this space!

This week wrapped up the Smart Cities and Infrastructure Executive ANZ Series 2021.

It was great to hear how state and local government are working together and with communities to deliver better outcomes, and maximise infrastructure investment.

Key topics discussed:

1. Collaborating between levels and sectors of government to maximise infrastructure investment

2. Maximising infrastructure investment using Digital Engineering technologies in project forecast and delivery

3. 5G and IoT at Scale and turning the technology big wheels – how fleet and plant is delivering organisational value in the digital economy

4. Driving citizen outcomes with place-based smart technology implementation…and more!

Click here for more information about the event series.