ENE.HUB Successful with SA Tender

ENE.HUB was successful in an open tender process to become a ‘Preferred Supplier’ for the Local Government Association of South Australia.

Being selected as an LGA Procurement preferred supplier is an opportunity that not all suppliers have received. Only the best businesses that meet LGA Procurement’s strict tendering requirements have been offered the opportunity to become a preferred supplier – and ENE.HUB is very proud to have been chosen as one of these suppliers.

ENE.HUB is now prequalified with LGA Procurement (South Australia) for the following categories:

1.  Smart Technology

2.  Infrastructure – Open Space, Street and Park Furniture

3.  Outdoor Lighting

4.  Outdoor Structures

The benefit of Council choosing to use an LGA Procurement contract is that it removes the necessity to approach the wider market. LGA Procurement has already undertaken a rigorous open tender process that satisfies probity requirements (with particular reference to the Local Government and ICAC Acts) and achieves the best value for Councils.

ENE.HUB has a suite of scalable and future-proofed products and commercial models which have been locally developed in-house. ENE.HUB’s products have been designed to meet the unique needs of cities, to improve the public experience and to enhance urban design.