Moreton Bay Case Study

The historical Paper Mill site at Moreton Bay has been revitalised and transformed into a state-of-the-art smart precinct. ENE.HUB is proud to have worked so closely with Moreton Bay Regional Council to bring this vision to life and to build better public spaces for the people living in and using the precinct.

Overall, ENE.HUB has delivered a network of 52 SMART.NODEs™, 71 LITE.NODEs™ and 4 TOWER.NODEs™ via a ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ agreement with a 20-year term.

Moreton Bay also subscribed to e³, ENE.HUB’s IoT Data Management & Analytics Platform.

Making public spaces better for the people, now and in the future, is ENE.HUB’s main objective and together with Moreton Bay Regional Council we achieved exactly that.

A long-term agreement allows ENE.HUB to gather and analyse relevant data to continuously improve the public space in the brand-new smart precinct – The Mill.

Data gathered from the environmental sensors, smart-lighting equipment, and usage sensors, installed in the SMART.NODEs™, allows ENE.HUB to make the precinct easy, fun and effective to use, for ultimate visitor and resident experience.

For more information on our Moreton Bay Regional Council Petrie Mill project, visit our project page here.