Commercial Models

ENE.HUB offers two Commercial Models to assist in enabling Smart City objectives for Land Authorities.

Build Own Operate Maintain (BOOM)

When planning Smart public infrastructure, the total cost of delivering, maintaining, and upgrading over time must be considered. In ENE.HUB’s Commercial Model ‘Build, Own, Operate and Maintain’ (BOOM), the total cost is made up of the Capital (CAPEX) to build the infrastructure, and the Operating costs (OPEX) to run, maintain and upgrade the network.

The CAPEX is typically contributed by the Land Authority and by ENE.HUB, who may contribute some or all of the required amount. Given the desire to scale Smart networks over time, ENE.HUB has structured the OPEX based on tariffs, and each tariff includes delivery, commissioning, maintenance, and upgrade of the Smart Service or technology. We call this Smart City as a Service (SCAAS).

ENE.HUB’s shared infrastructure attracts third party revenue from the Telecommunications Industry and others. This revenue reduces the Land Authority’s total cost of owning and running the network and is shared with the Land Authority.

Supply & Service

When a Land Authority wishes to own and operate the SMART.NODE™ network autonomously, ENE.HUB’s Commercial Model Supply & Service is most appropriate.

Within this model, SMART.NODEs™ are purchased, installed and owned exclusively by the Land Authority. They then choose how they wish to integrate technology and services into the infrastructure, whether independently or by engaging ENE.HUB on a Smart City as a Service (SCAAS) basis.

Additionally, ENE.HUB manages the integration of 4G/5G small cells in the infrastructure on behalf of carriers, and the revenue from this is shared with the Land Authority.