AmpThink in City of Garland, Texas

AmpThink in City of Garland, Texas


AmpThink is a recognised leader in the deployment of complex technology systems in public venues such as the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Showing great interest in our SMART.NODEs™ and ENE.HUB’s smart city vision, AmpThink and ENE.HUB entered into a 25 year partnership to demonstrate and test the capabilities of ENE.HUB’s SMART.NODE™ in a public venue context. ENE.HUB installed one SMART.NODE™ at the AmpThink Headquarters and is showcasing the following Smart City Services amongst others: 5G, CCTV, Electric Vehicle Charging, Environmental Sensors, Wi-Fi, LED Lighting.

Site License Term: 25 Years

Construction: Completed in April 2021

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Products & Data

1 SMART.NODE™ was installed for AmpThink in City of Garland, Texas.