California State University, Fullerton

City of Los Angeles


In cooperation with ENE.HUB, California State University, Fullerton selected two locations to demonstrate and test the capabilities and benefits a potential smart city SMART.NODE™ network will have for the campus and its students.

One SMART.NODE™ was installed at the Titan Bookstore and one at the College Park, California State Fullerton is now offering the following services to its students – Electric Vehicle Charging, Wi-Fi, Environmental Sensors and on top of that, the University is increasing security on campus with Help Assist and CCTV Cameras. Under a BOOM – Build Own Operate and Maintain model ENE.HUB and California State University Fullerton have entered into a 15-year license agreement. California State Fullerton is setting a smart campus example with a strong focus on security and connectivity.

Site License Term: 15+ Years

Construction: Completed in July 2021

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Products & Data

2 SMART.NODEs™ were installed for the California State University, Fullerton.

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