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City of Los Angeles


One of the most innovative and advanced Smart Cities in the world, Los Angeles, has entered into a 25 year Smart City and Co-Location Agreement with ENE.HUB based on the deployment of the SMART.NODE™.

Advancing and delivering an integrated, co-ordinated and technically superior Smart City outcome is a key objective for the City of Los Angeles. By deploying networks of SMART.NODEs™ by ENE.HUB, the City of Los Angeles will deliver a full suite of Smart City Services discretely and stylishly while ensuring capacity for any future Smart City Service that may be required.

MOU Term: 25 Years

Construction Phase 1: Completed in June 2019

Construction Phase 2: Ongoing

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2 SMART.NODEs™ were installed for the City of Los Angeles and 98 SMART.NODEs™ have been approved.



City of Los Angeles – Smart City / CO-Location Program